Effective Content For Your Property's Website

Your website is your calling card. It (hopefully) gets a great deal of traffic, so you need to ensure the design and functionality are representing your business well. And that’s a question that you should asking be regularly. What worked a few years ago likely isn’t impressing prospective guests now. Trends change and websites can become outdated quickly.

If it’s been a few years since you last updated your website, it might be time for a make-over. Here are five web design trends that’ll keep your website fresh and functional in today’s online ecosystem.

Video backgrounds

These days video content is king. It’s the most efficient way to convey information about your brand identity, improves SEO, and makes for high-impact social media content. You should already be incorporating video content into your marketing strategy, but there’s another use to consider: as a background for your website.

Video backgrounds are prolific on the internet today. These short, typically silent videos play in the background of the homepage—often with simple content overlain. They’re a popular design choice for their attention-grabbing effect. A compelling background video grabs and maintains a user’s interest, inducing them to spend more time on a website (which usually results in higher conversions).

Background video is a modern choice that will leave an immediate impression on visitors to your site. To incorporate this trend successfully be sure to choose short video clips (which you can loop) to maintain quick load times. And ensure the video is complementing (not competing with) your content by using contrast colors for the overlain text.

For excellent examples of video background in use, take a look at the websites for West ElmHotels and Stanford Court.

Asymmetry and broken grids

In the past, it has been standard procedure for web designers to use grid layouts when building websites. This helped maintain clear organization and consistency. But rules were made to be broken, and the most vibrant and exciting websites today are doing just that. Broken grid formats—with asymmetrical positioning, overlapping images, and irregular shapes—offer a refreshing alternative to the traditional layout. It’s perfect for a brand that wants to showcase their dynamic and unique personality.

Check out the website for The Cabins and Gulf State Park to see a broken-grid layout used to great effect.


Micro-interactions refer to the small responses that occur on a website when a user takes a particular action. This can be anything from a menu panel popping up when the cursor moves over the navigation bar, to simple hover and scroll animations within the webpage.

These little interactions can have a big impact. In addition to bringing attention to features of the site, micro-interactions can create moments of excitement for the user. Including even the simplest micro-interactions gives your website a dynamic and interactive quality that engages visitors and keeps them on your site longer.

Take a look at Royal Stays Miami’s website to experience the surprise and delight that well- executed micro-interactions can have.

A businesses website is never finished. Trends change, new technologies and expectations emerge, and you need to keep up or get left behind. Consider incorporating video backgrounds, asymmetry, and micro-interactions into your website to keep it feeling current. Need some help with a redesign? Contact our design team today.