Inspiring Hotel Website Designs
Inspiring Hotel Website Designs

Here we are at the beginning of a brand-new year—a time to focus on our goals, hopes and dreams for the year ahead. Let’s make it a great one! If giving your property’s website a fresh new look for 2019 is part of your plans, keep reading for a peek at some sites to inspire you.

All of the websites included below are responsive designs that offer a smooth user experience across all devices and feature easy online bookings. They are also excellent examples of simple designs that are intuitive to navigate and effectively portray the stay experience at each property.

Let’s get inspired!


Royal Stays Miami


Royal Stays Miami offers luxury vacation rentals in Miami Beach and Brickell, and their website exudes ease and comfort, much like a relaxing home.

Through big, beautiful images the website relies heavily on visual storytelling, and what better way to convey a sense of place. Subtle animation effects, including animated text overlays and parallax scrolling, contribute to a fluid, soothing visual design that together with intuitive navigation, results in a very smooth user experience.

The website does well to promote the many individual properties without overwhelming users by prioritizing and organizing content in a logical, consistent way, with the main menu always accessible from every page.


Apple Valley Orchard & RV Park


The website of Apple Valley Orchard & RV Park is the picture of summer in the Okanagan Valley. This spectacular u-pick orchard and campground in Kelowna, British Columbia, is portrayed through a very simple design that directs focus to the beautiful, professionally shot images of the property.

The site is easily navigated through a familiar main menu at the top of every page as well as call-to-action (CTA) buttons on the home page. Online bookings are also available from anywhere on the site.


Blue Bay Motel


The simple, clean presentation of the Blue Bay Motel website makes good use of images, greeting visitors with a full-screen banner image of the stunning view they can expect from this charming family-run motel in Tobermory, Ontario.

This good-looking website offers visitors a seamless, visually pleasing user experience across devices, with intuitive navigation via the ever-present main menu and CTAs that guide users throughout the website.

The site features a great Nearby Attractions page too, providing visitors with local tips on what to do in the area.


Miette Hot Springs Bungalows


The Miette Hot Springs Bungalows comprises cabins, chalets and motel rooms set in the Canadian Rocky Mountains, inside Jasper National Park. The website successfully conveys the rustic mountain experience of this property through big, beautiful images, the earthy colour scheme and font choices. It’s a simple design that very effectively portrays a sense of place.

It’s a very user-friendly design too, intuitively navigable through a traditional-style menu.


Crazy Creek Resort


Here’s another simple design that makes an impact through bold images and a well-chosen colour scheme. Add to this subtle animation effects and the Crazy Creek Resort website delivers a presentation that pops, portraying the family-fun, adventurous spirit of the property.

Crazy Creek Resort provides another great example of a site with a fantastic area attractions (“Things to Do”) section, complete with helpful local tips for visitors.

As the above websites prove, a simple design can be the most effective. With a focus on high-quality images, well thought-out and organized content, simple navigation and easy online bookings—along with some visual design expertise—your property’s fresh, new website will bring in the bookings in 2019!

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