Tips to Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer
Tips to Keep Visitors on Your Website Longer

Your website is the most powerful marketing tool you have. It’s the first place people will go to find out more about your property and the best way to score direct bookings. Therefore it’s critical to create a site that inspires a positive first impression and invites users to stay and engage with the content. The longer a guest lingers on your website, the more likely it will result in a conversion. Read on for tips to keep visitors on your site longer.



Keep it simple >> Keeping your site simple is a stone that kills a lot of different birds. Not only is it visually appealing for your guests, but it also makes navigation more intuitive, allows the purpose of your page to stand out, and likely contributes to faster load times — all of which will encourage visitors to stay awhile.

Stay modern >> Websites need to feel current to be effective. A page that looks like it was designed in the 90’s will not inspire confidence. Keep your aesthetic modern to maintain credibility with your online audience.

Prioritize visual appeal >> This is an obvious one, but visitors aren’t likely to stay on pages that don’t appeal to them visually. Defining what makes a visually-pleasing website can be tough, but a good rule of thumb is to declutter and not go crazy with the color. Choose a base color, one or two accents, and around three neutrals.



Include quality information >> Guests need a reason to stay glued to your page. Give them an incentive to stay by offering relevant, high-quality information about your destination. In addition to services and amenities provided by your property, noteworthy restaurants, bars, and other attractions in your area are great features to highlight on your site.

Make it easy to read >> An essential step in making your website accessible and engaging is to make it an easy read. Large blocks of text will scare people away. Ensure your copy is concise as possible and don’t be afraid to use bullet points. People love lists.

Use multiple mediums >> Capture visitors attention with multi-media content. Photos and videos go a long way in engaging users. But remember to embed video content. You never want to encourage a guest to navigate away from your site.



Ensure fast load times >> If your site takes too long to load, you can basically guarantee a high bounce rate. 40% of people abandon a page that takes longer than 3 seconds to load. So it’s critical to do what you can to minimize any delays.

Use a responsive design >> These days, designing your site to be mobile-friendly is a must. Having a responsive design means the format and layout of your website change in response to screen size. The majority of people browsing online are doing It from their smartphones, and websites that aren’t optimized for their devices are easily dismissed.

Create a flow >> It’s important to think about how guests will be moving through your website. To keep their attention, you need to create a natural flow that will inspire them to continue perusing. Use internal linking (of keyword anchor text) to connect your pages in a way that facilitates your customer’s journey.

As an extension of your property and business identity, your website is an important investment. Ensure you’re putting your best foot forward by creating a design that encourages guests to linger.

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