6 Inspiring Hotel Website Designs

September 28, 2015

A good-looking website that reflects the personality of a property is especially important for a hotel website competing with other properties and OTAs online. However, in addition to appealing visuals and engaging content, it's also important for hotel websites to provide a smooth and seamless user experience through intuitive navigation, clear calls to action and easy online bookings geared toward conversion.

Hotel websites have a lot of information to cover and so logical organization of content is crucial to a smooth user experience; all information room descriptions and rates, hotel amenities, local information, online reservations, etc. should be easily accessible from the homepage and never more than a single click away. Simple navigation and uncluttered design are key to making it as easy as possible for website visitors to find the information they want.

With mobile now surpassing desktop in time spent on digital media, hotel websites should also ensure an optimal user experience on all devices through responsive design and mobile-friendly online bookings to maximize conversion.

Here are six great hotel websites that do it right with simple, eye-catching, responsive design, intuitive navigation and user-friendly online bookings. Enjoy!

Wyatt's Hotel

With beautiful, high-resolution images that fill the entire page in widescreen format, the Wyatt's Hotel website is visually striking and effectively portrays a sense of place. Navigation is simple via the horizontal menu at the top of the page; a navigation style that is familiar and intuitive.

Lakeside Lodge

The smart Lakeside Lodge website features a simple, clean design that helps draw immediate attention to the big, beautiful property images displayed in the full-width slider. Navigation is easy and intuitive via the horizontal header menu, and the simple online booking widget is displayed prominently on all pages for the user's convenience. Displaying contact details (address, email, phone number and social media buttons) in a prominent position as included here on the Lakeside Lodge website at the top of the page throughout the site makes it easy for prospective customers to contact the property at any time by whichever method they prefer.

Inn of the Rockies

The Inn of the Rockies website also uses large images that stretch across the entire width of the page to immediately catch the viewer's eye and convey a sense of place. Sharing prime placement on the page with the image slider, the online booking widget overlaps the image in a prominent yet unobtrusive way. As you scroll down the homepage, objects glide smoothly into position, which along with the sharp images and white background, contributes to a clean, crisp, contemporary design.

The Bungalows Motel

Even without full-screen images you can create a charming, welcoming website like that of The Bungalows Motel A simple beach-cottage visual theme successfully conveys the personality of the property; a family-friendly mom-and-pop-style motel that offers quality service. Scroll down a little on the homepage and you'll see a TripAdvisor widget displaying the property's TripAdvisor rating and ranking, which helps to create trust. Online bookings are always easily accessible (and highlighted for attention) in the horizontal menu at the top of every page, and a translation feature helps make international website visitors feel welcome and valued.

Wattstull Inn

The The Wattstull Inn website takes advantage of a full-width image slider to showcase its stunning views the property's unique selling proposition (USP). The "book now" button serves as a prominent call to action overlaid on slideshow images. Online bookings are also always accessible from the main menu at the top of every page.

Contenta Inn

The bright colors and retro style of the Contenta Inn website depict a fun, friendly, carefree stay experience. The customized booking widget fits right in with the look and feel of the website and is conveniently available in the side bar on every page of the site. For effortless navigation, the top menu is always within easy reach too constantly visible at the top of the screen even as the user scrolls down the page.

To see more hotel website designs by World Web Technologies Inc., check out our portfolio.


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