My Miami Vacation Featured Design
My Miami Vacation Featured Design

We were thrilled to work on this fun redesign for My Miami Vacation. Offering luxury, short-term apartment rentals for visitors to Miami, My Miami Vacation needed a website that reflected the enjoyable experience of a stay in this vibrant city.

Promising guests a home away from home and the opportunity to stay like a local, My Miami Vacation’s apartments are modern, convenient and cool—just like their new website.

A fun, mobile-first design for an enjoyable user experience

Simplicity is key to good web design, not only from a visual design perspective but for user experience too. Because most travel consumers research their options online using a mobile device, a mobile-first design is important. My Miami Vacation’s website is a great example of a simple yet eye-catching mobile-first design that offers a seamless user-friendly experience across all devices and screen sizes.

The clean design utilizes white space not only for an uncluttered layout on both mobile and desktop but to allow images and text to shine. The colorful artwork used for the homepage hero image and page banners is the star of the show, communicating the brand’s energy consistently across the entire website.

Subtle micro-animations triggered as you hover over menu items or scroll down the homepage also inject life into the design. Even the subtlest interactions like these help increase engagement by making the user experience more enjoyable.

No matter what size screen you’re viewing it on, the website feels fresh, modern and beachy—just like the beautiful apartment interiors showcased in abundant professional photos.

My Miami Vacation Homepage

The easy, breezy ambiance is not only achieved through visual design but thoughtful navigation design too. The goal is for users to intuitively navigate the website guided by a familiar navigation menu (that sticks to the top of the screen as you scroll), clear and meaningful CTAs (like “view all apartments” and “more about us”), and, of course, a “book now” button that’s available on every page (within the main menu).

Speaking of that very important “book now” button, the convenience of booking direct online is put front and center—without distracting from the design, branding or content—with a prominent booking widget overlaying the hero image, yet in perfect harmony with it.

To help everyone navigate and use the site easily, an accessibility menu is included with the design that allows users to adjust visual elements, including contrast, font size, and spacing. In compliance with ADA requirements, My Miami Vacations also clearly indicates accessible apartments to help guests select suitable accommodations.

While website design and technology move fast, a timeless design like this offers longevity (more time between redesigns). And, like all our websites, it includes an easy-to-use WordPress content management system (CMS) that allows the team at My Miami Vacations to update content themselves to keep their website fresh and accurate.

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