If you’ve never been to Miami, the Royal Stays Miami website will probably really make you want to go. Our designers had the pleasure of redesigning the Royal Stays Miami website recently to reflect the indulgent accommodation experiences this vacation rentals operator provides to guests.

The ease and comfort of Royal Stays’ fully furnished apartments, located in Miami Beach and Brickell, are extended to their new website through a simple, modern design with plenty of visual appeal and a logical flow (just like a relaxing home).

The Royal Stays Miami website relies a lot on visual storytelling, and it tells the tale well with big, beautiful, carefully selected images. The homepage greets visitors with a banner slideshow that spans the screen and sets the scene with an enticing palm-tree-filled image, followed by a couple of inviting apartment interior shots. These well-chosen images immediately immerse website visitors in a Royal Stays Miami experience and inspire visitors to scroll down for more.

Simple, smooth animation effects — from the fade-and-zoom image transition and animated text overlay of the banner slideshow, to the parallax scrolling effect (the background of the page moves at a slower speed to the foreground) and roll-over animation on the property tiles — bring the site to life and contribute to a fluid, soothing visual design.

As you delve deeper into the site, individual unit slideshows feature large, quality images that show off each property in its best light.

With so many individual properties to promote, the Royal Stays Miami website does well not to overwhelm visitors by prioritizing and organizing content in a logical, consistent way.

Each property has its own page, easily accessible from the property tiles on the home page and the “Properties” page, or from any page via the horizontal navigation bar, which sticks to the top of the screen as the user scrolls and explores the website. Content and page layout is consistent across all property and unit type pages, including unit slideshows, descriptions, amenity lists, Google map embeds and “book now” buttons. This consistency is key to user friendliness and helps prospective guests compare properties easily.

Selective, strategically placed CTA (call to action) buttons are relevant to page content and stand out without being obtrusive. And the online booking engine is directly integrated into the website, always ready for action, through CTAs and the main navigation menu at the top of the screen.

The website features a responsive WordPress design that automatically translates to an easy user experience across all devices (for content updates behind the scenes too). Coupled with the smooth visual appeal, the seamless online user experience mirrors the kind of effortless stay experience guests can expect with Royal Stays Miami.

Feel like daydreaming about a Florida vacation? Take a look around the Royal Stays Miami website, then check out our portfolio for more design inspiration.