Prepare your website for the holidays
Prepare your website for the holidays

The holidays are all about togetherness, whether it’s locals looking for a fun, festive staycation, or out-of-town family and friends seeking a place to stay while visiting loved ones. Preparing your website to meet consumer demand for memorable, special experiences over material objects can help increase direct bookings and your bottom line.

Decorate Your Website

Just as we decorate our physical spaces for the holidays, we can also decorate our digital spaces! Adorning your website with holiday-inspired background and accent colors, as well as seasonal images of your beautifully decorated lobby and delectable Christmas menu, portrays the festive spirit and drums up excitement for holiday bookers.

When it comes to adding holiday colors and imagery to your hotel website, it’s essential to harmonize with existing branding to avoid overwhelming customers and diluting your brand image. Elements such as falling snow, mistletoe at the top of your home page, or a Santa hat on your logo are subtle enough not to distract your website visitors while effectively drawing attention to your brand and holiday promotions.

Season’s Greetings

Rather than adding just a few conspicuous holiday elements to your homepage, add subtle effects across your entire website for a truly interesting and interactive website experience. This communicates to guests that your property attends to even the smallest details.

Greet your guests with holiday messaging in your booking engine too, to reassure them they’re making the right choice. This message can be a simple “season’s greetings!” or a friendly note to stop by the front desk for a complimentary gingerbread house kit.

Holiday Packages and Menus

With customers in the gift-giving mindset, offering holiday packages and gift certificates can boost direct bookings and revenue.

As well, highlight exclusive holiday additions to your menus, especially when they’re inspired by local traditions and ingredients. Food plays a significant role during this season, so emphasize the festive atmosphere of your dining area and of the meal itself in your marketing.

It’s important to promote holiday deals front and center on the homepage and other relevant pages, not just on the packages or dining pages. With endless options for travel booking, you want to capture your customer’s attention right away and put your best foot — or best deal — forward.

Countdown Timer

Creating a sense of urgency helps drive conversions. A festive countdown timer for limited-time packages is an engaging call to action for customers to purchase special deals before they’re gone. Add this timer to your homepage and any pages where deals appear.

Don’t Forget Your Blog

Use your hotel blog to spread some holiday cheer! Share any personal stories behind your holiday decor and activities, such as the family member who gifted the tree, or the local partner providing your toboggans. Other ideas for holiday blog posts include: highlighting your property’s holiday packages, events and activities; your employees’ Christmas recommendations; new hires; local seasonal activities; and your favorite Christmas recipes.

Sharing your property’s holiday preparations on your blog includes your visitors in the excitement and provides current, relevant content for both customers and search engines.

Let your hotel website show some holiday spirit by implementing these subtle yet effective changes. This holiday season, your website doesn’t simply promote deals, it offers exclusive experiences and lifelong memories.