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Hayden's Inn Website Design Proposal

Prepared for: Shana Jones, Hayden’s Inn

Prepared by: Tara Kuipers, Web Design Specialist, World Web Technologies Inc.

Prepared on: February 2, 2024 (valid for three months)

About World Web Technologies

Successful, cost-effective web design solutions for hospitality and tourism businesses are our specialty. Beyond pretty pictures and fancy font, World Web Technologies Inc. (WWT) creates engaging, conversion-driven websites that are both user and search engine friendly.

Focused on client communication and quality assurance, our team of experienced and talented designers has developed hundreds of websites for lodging and tour operators.

We will work with you to provide a website that helps your business succeed, always putting your needs and budget first.

Design Process Overview

WWT will provide a fully responsive website for your business that automatically adapts to all screen sizes, ensuring a seamless user experience for all your web visitors.

As the most efficient and cost-effective way to complete this project, WWT will utilize a WordPress theme with a responsive layout. Your WordPress site will come complete with a content management system (CMS) that allows you to manage your own website content once the site is developed.

Our design and development process follows the below steps.

  1. Consultation - The first step in our design process is to consult with you to assess your needs for a new or improved website. This meeting (by phone) helps us determine the WordPress themes that best suit your needs.
  2. Theme Search and Installation - Based on our consultation, we will recommend a selection of WordPress themes that best represent the look, layout, navigation, and overall feel you want for your website. Once you choose a theme, we will install it and construction of the website can begin.
  3. Construction - During this phase, your website will be fully developed and completed. We ensure that your website loads quickly and contains search engine friendly coding and content.
  4. Quality Assurance – Once you are happy, we perform a thorough test of the website. Testing ensures that the navigation and links work properly, all software and email forms function as intended, the website loads quickly, and all graphics display correctly using different web browsers and screen resolutions.
  5. Site Launch - Once the completed site is tested and we have received approval from you, the site will go live.
  6. Dashboard Tour - After the site is live, we will give you a tour of your WordPress dashboard so you will have the ability to edit your website.


Website Structure

We recommend the following structure / pages for your website.

  1. Homepage – This is the main page of your website.
  2. Rooms – Format content as supplied by the customer.
    • Single Queen
    • Double Queen
    • Full
  3. Amenities – Format content as supplied by the customer.
  4. Local Area – Format content as supplied by the customer.
  5. Contact – Format content as supplied by the customer.
  6. Book Now – Link directly to online booking engine.

Please note: This quote is based on the premise that the look & feel of the website will closely resemble the chosen template. If extensive customization is required, additional design time will be required, which will increase the cost. Complimentary technical support for your chosen theme is typically offered by the theme’s creator for a period of six months after purchasing the theme. In the unlikely event that support is required to resolve any theme-related issues beyond this six-month period, charges will apply.

Proposal Authorization

This online form is an agreement between World Web Technologies Inc. and the Customer/Company to authorize the website design project and choose optional services. Once this completed form and the deposit payment for the corresponding quote are received, the project will begin.

General Terms

Copyright and Materials
All material, photographs, and written copy/text for the website must be supplied electronically by the customer or taken from the existing website. All materials provided or approved by the customer for the construction of the website must be free from any claims of copyright from third parties. World Web Technologies Inc. is indemnified from any legal fees or fines arising from the use or construction of the website.

Annual Fees
Once Hosting, WPMP and/or Email Delivery Service commences, the annual fee will be charged to the credit card number on file (if applicable). If there is no credit card on file, an invoice will be emailed to the customer. Each service will continue to automatically renew for 12-month terms unless either party provides at least 30 days’ written notice of cancellation or change to services.

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